Arthrodesis is orthopaedic surgery that permanently fuses the affected joint to correct a deformity or to obtain pain relief.
Cartilage, which is a white flexible tissue, covers joints and allows them to move and work properly. A final and stable fusion is obtained by removing the cartilage and putting the underlying bone structures into contact via screws or a plate system. The indications and benefits of this type of surgery range considerably.

Patients often fear arthrodesis due to a lack of information; however, it can correct a considerable number of issues and it remains a major option in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions.

Hallux valgus, Arthrodèse cunéo-métatarsienne avec excision articulaire et plaque plantaire
  • Fig. 1 and 2

    Cuneo-metatarsal arthrodesis for the treatment of hallux valgus. Note the removal of joint cartilage (in green) and installation of plate/screws to fuse the bone in position