Percutaneous/minimally invasive surgery

Chirurgie percutanée, mini-invasive Genève

A recent arrival on the scene, this type of surgery has profoundly changed the approach used for disorders of the foot. Percutaneous, minimally- invasive or even falsely described as “laser” surgery, these types of surgery cover a series of specific techniques characterised by minute (1 mm) incisions and the use of dedicated specialised equipment.

Soft tissue (tendons, capsules, etc.) procedures are carried out using very thin scalpels. Procedures on bone use rotary drills for cutting (osteotomy) or abrading (exostectomy).


Fraises et moteur percutanés
  • Fig. 1

    Percutaneous drills and motor

The small size of the incision produces an almost invisible scar; however, it does not allow the implantation of larger fixing items such as plates. Whenever possible, the fixation is achieved without materials and is held in place by a special dressing or by a screw inserted percutaneously.

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