What is it?

A bunionette, also called quintus varus or Tailor’s Bunion, is a common deformity of the foot. It consists of a deformation of the 5th metatarsal, which takes on a curved appearance, and results in painful excessive pressure on the outer edge of the foot. A bony protrusion is seen at the base of the 5th toe. This is actually the contact between the edge of the metatarsal head and the skin. The discomfort is mainly due to pressure against the shoe.

pied normal vs bunionette/quintus varus
  • Fig. 1

    Normal foot
    The metatarsals are straight

  • Fig. 2

    The arched shape of the 5th metatarsal results in a conflict with the shoe

Clinical presentation

The pain is due exclusively to the conflict between the metatarsal head and base of the phalanx in relation to the shoe. It increases when wearing narrow or high-heel shoes.

When should you consult a specialist?

When the discomfort caused by this pressure means that it is difficult to wear shoes or results in frequent pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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