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Atlas on pilon fractures approaches

Our Atlas of surgical approaches to pilon fractures is finally out!

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions): Myths and reality

Sometimes it’s difficult to find yourself in a mass of information often contradictory concerning the hallux valgus. A quick tour of the most common mistakes

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07 August 2017 | lifestyle-en

Ladies: The worst shoes for your feet

Get to know your shoes and limit their impact on your body.

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18 July 2016 | sport-en

Football injuries of the ankle

Review of the most common football injuries and trauma. How to recognize and avoid them.

traumatismes de la cheville chez le footballeur
14 March 2016 | sport-en | uncategorized

Plantar Fasciitis: Pathology

Very common cause of heel pain, its origin is the source of many debates. Here is a summary of current knowledge

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08 February 2016 | media-en | sport-en | video-en

Achilles tendon rupture, Leman Bleu TV show

Achilles tendon rupture. Video interview of Dr. Adrien Ray for Leman Bleu

dr Adrien Ray - tendon d'achille - Leman Bleu
08 February 2016 | sport-en

How to choose your sports shoes

End of the year resolutions or planning a marathon, there are a thousand and one reasons to change your shopping habits and it’s important to select your equipment with care

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04 February 2016 | chirurgie-en

Recurrence after hallux valgus surgery

Hallux valgus or onion is the most common foot surgery. Recurrences may, however, occur and may be supported.

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